Does Raw Cacao really have 40x the antioxidants of Blueberries ?

Demystifying Raw Cacao: What’s all the fuss?

Simply put, Cacao is the raw material or the seed from which Cocoa and Chocolate are made. In it’s purest form it is a superfood like no other. Once processed into cocoa butter and chocolate, cacao tends to lose most of it’s inherent beneficial properties.

Humans have had a long relationship with Cacao, dating back thousands of years to early civilisations. The Mayans used cacao ceremonially and shamanistically, even including it in their baptisims, medicinal ceremonies and using it to unlock a euphoric state. They also used it as a currency and associated numerous gods with cacao which gave it an almost divine status. A better known fact is that the “Theobroma” tree on which Cacao beans grow literally means “Food of the Gods”. They recognized the value and benefits that came with this superfood. However, somewhere this exalted status was lost owing to all the processing that went into the evolution of modern day chocolate. In Bali, however, Sacred Cacao ceremonies are still performed and very much part of the culture and experience.

So what does it really do?

  1. The Antioxidant King – Raw Cacao has 40x the antioxidants of Blueberries! A study published in Chemistry Central Journal has found that antioxidant content of dark chocolate is higher than the so called “super fruits” like acai berry, blueberry, and cranberry.
  2. Mood Booster –  Raw cacao is high in polyphenols which are shown to help with anxiety reduction and enhance calmness. A study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology 2013 showed that there is a mood boosting effect attained by eating raw cacao at certain levels for 30 days. Amino acids present are also proven to be a natural mood elevator and naturally increase brain serotonin levels – a natural antidepressant!
  3. Flavanols – Improves skin, heart and brain health as well as cognitive performance.
  4. Abundance of Magnesium and Theobromine – Raw cacao is high in magnesium which Psychology Today magazine has dubbed the “The Original Chill Pill”. It reduces anxiety and promotes good sleep.
  5. It is also the highest Plant based source of Iron

Why Sacred Cacao:

At Sacred Cacao, we source the best cacao locally produced in Bali and grown sustainably. Our processing is simplified and devoid of any chemicals to maintain the natural goodness of the cacao. Our treatment of the cacao does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius which ensures that the Cacao maintains all of its natural characteristic properties. Our chocolate also has no nasties – No refined sugar, no cane sugar, no dairy, no palm oil, no lecithin or emulsifiers. We are committed to Revolutionizing Chocolate by unlocking the power of this superfood and making it accessible to all.


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